Healthy nails are a sign of a healthy body

For most of us, healthy nails mean a healthy body. At length, our nails are unlikely to break the world record, although and without this, they still play an important role in health care. They protect skin tissues on your fingers from scratches and mechanical damage and to avoid damage to the soft tissue of the fingers,which are nerve endings. They help us with this important process in our life as carding, and they are also the mirror of our wellbeing. The condition of the nails shows worrying signs of malnutrition, infections and serious diseases.

The structure of the nail

The nail is made up of several parts, the main elements of our nails is keratin: a protein that is also found in our skin and hair. The nail plate is the hard, protective and most visible part. The skin around the nail plate is called the nail folds. and the nail bed is the skin under the nail plate. Only a small part of the root of the nail from the nail fold in the form of a whitish Crescent-shaped area of the nail hole. Your nails grow under the protective cuticle at the base of the nail bed. Nails grow from 2 to 3 millimeters every month and toenails about 1 millimeter, but grow faster in the summer months and on your dominant hand.

Facts about nail growth .

Nails grow faster

in women than in men

in summer than in winter

on the working hand

New nail fully grows in 5 months.[to clarify]

The nails are normal, if they have the following qualities: smooth, smooth, pink, slightly shiny color.

On the working hand nails grow faster, but not as neat as the other. That is, the left-hander on his right hand nails will be neater than the left. The right-hander all the way around.

Tips on nail care

Exposure to household products such as detergents and cleaning agents can weaken the nails become weak and brittle. To keep nails healthy and strong, should wear gloves when cleaning whenever possible. Wear vinyl gloves, latex or rubber, to protect your nails from harsh chemicals during wet work. To protect your nails from damage and injury, use cotton gloves when performing dry applications.

When it comes to your nails than they are shorter, the better. Short nails are less likely to be damaged by external influences and more difficult to break.

Be careful not to damage the nails. Slamming fingers in doors or to clear objects, it can damage your nails can lead to infection, to stop the growth of the nails or cause bruising under the nail.

Your nails need moisture to stay healthy. Always use a moisturizer after washing or bathing to lock in moisture.

Never cut the cuticle. Instead, soak cuticles in warm water and use a damp towel to gently push them back. The worst thing to do if you have a hangnail is to disrupt it or to raise it. Use fine scissors to trim the burrs, and apply over-the-counter antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.

Every woman wants long and beautiful nails, but to buy varnishes should be used with caution. Some nail polishes and hardeners contain formaldehyde, which can cause allergic reactions or irritation that can lead to splitting nails. Do not use liquid Polish remover no more than once a week, it contains acetone, which dries nails.

If you have ingrown nails, try soaking feet in a warm solution of sea to ease the pain and reduce swelling. Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of salt for each quart (0.95 liters) of water and let soak for 30 minutes.

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