Training to compete in bodybuilding.

«Mr. universe” became Penza bodybuilder Alexey Namesnow, winning in the category of “professionals”.

Before you start training to each specific competition bodybuilder should carefully evaluate the structure, muscularity and definition of their bodies, to identify possible weaknesses in specific areas. The muscles must be separated from each other and be clearly visible under the skin. The number of valid excess fat on the body of a bodybuilder should not exceed 4.5 kg.

After a careful assessment of one’s own body bodybuilder should choose the type of food to the preparation stage for a competition. The power can be calculated as the discharge of fat, and the acquisition of new muscle volumes.

The most common are two types precontest diets. The first kind of diet is based on the constant decrease of the total number of calories taken up to a certain level. It is recommended to eat food with less fat. Thus, when the combination of diet and training loads decreases the volume of fat in the athlete, and gradually more and more emerging parts of the muscles.

The second option of the diet suggests that the diet of the athlete drastically cakradatta the amount of carbohydrates and fats. It is recommended not to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to less than 60 grams a day. But even with this limitation, this week should not adhere to more than 4 weeks, and it can lead to great loss of muscle mass and deterioration of digestion.

In this case, a week before the competition must end on a strict diet and start carbohydrate loading. During carbohydrate loading with every intake of carbohydrates must obtain about 40 g of protein. During this period, the best quality sources of carbohydrates are fresh vegetables, fruits, small amount of bread, potatoes, rice or buckwheat. Not recommended overeating and malnutrition, and food should be held approximately every two hours throughout the day.

During the preparation for a competition, you cannot lose weight more than 0.4 kg per week. In the opposite case will fall sharply the volume and weight of the muscles. In this regard, the athlete should be weighed daily at the same time.

Food athlete on a diet of pre-competitive period should be varied. It needs to contain him all the necessary components: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water.

During the preparation for a competition it is recommended that 1 kg of body weight respectively to take at least 2 grams of protein daily. The quantity of carbonates depends on the health of the athlete on the degree of preparation of the relief of the muscles that the athlete is currently training. If the athlete a feeling of lack of energy, physical or mental discomfort, the intake of carbohydrates should be increased.

In the last days of preparation is very important in the regulation of fluid intake. The athlete must always know that by reducing the amount of liquid, it thereby reduces the volume of your muscles. The amount of fluid taken daily, should be well designed and, if possible, empirically tested before important competitions.

The first thing to do to a bodybuilder in this matter is to engage with ordinary distilled water.

Excess water in the body help to get rid of such additional load, like aerobics, running, posing. Some bodybuilders for these purposes a bath and sauna. However, this method disempowers, and due to the lack of minerals the athlete can have seizures.

In practice bodybuilding are cases when because of the lack of time to rationally planned preparation for the competition the athletes are resorting to short, but extremely strict diet. In such cases, the intake of calories is brought to 1200-1500 per day. This kind of diet is sufficient to achieve relatively good relief muscle. In some cases, even with such a strict diet after a certain time may be a slowdown of the metabolism and the cessation improve relief of muscle. At this point the body needs light energy shock, for which the athlete must further reduce the total intake of calories to about 900 a day. This measure contributes to the further improvement in the relief of muscle, but must be used in a short time, after the bodybuilder need to return to the previous volume of calories taken.

To succeed in competition bodybuilding bodybuilder needs to pay attention to all, even the most insignificant aspects of their appearance – skin tone, hair, even the selection of the bottoms for posing.

If a bodybuilder has a powerful oblique abdominal muscles, bottoms with elastic band along the bottom edge of these muscles will make it visually better than they actually are; on the other hand, if the melting sit a little lower, it fully shows the development of the oblique abdominal muscles and makes the waist line is much more impressive. The breadth or narrowness of the bottoms is able to compensate for an excessive length of the torso and the legs of an athlete. It is also important to find a suitable to the physique and skin tone the color of the bottoms.

On an overall assessment of an athlete during a bodybuilding competition is largely affected by the sun. If the skin bodybuilder pale, bright light relief, his muscles will be glossed over, the contours are smoothed, and the judges will be much more difficult to assess the development of muscles. Almost universal in bodybuilding is the use of artificial coloring to give the skin a darker hue. Thus, for aesthetic reasons the person should not be darker than the rest of the body.

To emphasize the shape of the body on the competition and more fully to reveal the muscle definition helps bodybuilders oil for posing. In bright light the muscles seem flat, but a thin layer of oil in combination with a good tan allows judges to fully appreciate the development of the athlete. Oil is applied to the entire surface of the body, the layer must be sufficiently smooth.

Hairstyle bodybuilder also influences the perception of the proportions of his body. If the athlete is long and disheveled hair, they not only cover the neck and partially trapezius muscles, but also visually increase the head (the rest of the body seems to be smaller than their real size). The same applies to African American style with lots of plaits or “Gradov”. It is important that the “unusual” the elements of hairstyles do not distract the judges from the advantages of the body of an athlete.

Another way to improve their appearance before a bodybuilding competition – to shave off body hair. It gives the skin a much more clean appearance, making the muscles more visible.

The day before the competition, athletes are advised to focus on the exercises for the weaker parts of the body, but to avoid fatigue and exhaustion of muscles.


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