A sport that treats.

3 times a week for an hour and a half intensive exercise at the gym will not get You closer to health. So you can lose weight or build muscle, but to improve health — is unlikely.

About the problems that arise in sports overload, read the first part of this article — here .

Even a top coach will not always be able to match You with the load. He can’t hear Your feelings.

For each individual, the intensity, frequency, and speed of the exercises — individual.

If You during exercise heart . darkens the eyes or the lack of breathing — you’re overloading yourself.

If You have a post-workout appetite . it is hard to perform mental activity . you want to sleep . and You feel tired is also a sign of overload.

How to properly train . in order not to harm your health, but only to strengthen it?

6 of the rules of the sport that treats

Rule 1: physical exercise should energize You, not exhausting

If after the workout You feel exhausted, can’t focus and fully engage with current Affairs, such classes only reduce the overall energy and immunity.

If too strenuous sports is the reverse effect is not healthful benefits, and depressing . way too much free radicals and decomposition products of metabolism ( detailed in the first part of the article ). The body has no time to neutralize them and withdraw.

If You after a workout increases the mood, You are cheerful and have a desire to live, it means Your load is optimal.

Rule 2: more motor activity during the day with light loads, and not short-term intensive training

Find such forms of physical activity that they organically came into Your life.

In addition to training in sports sections, be sure to add walking briskly in the fresh air . And select the activity that You like. For example: Biking, swimming, playing with friends in tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, etc.

Classes offered in clubs, very useful yoga, dance, Pilates, bodyflex, swimming pool activities, etc.

Rule 3: get used to increase the intensity and duration of activity gradually, without undue discomfort

The mistake many that they are starting to train, just want to show good results or are seeking to reduce the time of training, replacing them is very intense.

This leads to hardening of the cardiovascular system and its problems: high blood pressure, arrhythmia, etc. This is especially true for people who already have some problems in the body.

After Your body will readjust and get used to more intense physical activity than were still in Your life, you can include in your schedule and weight training in the gym. But still remember that one need not unnecessarily overloaded.

Rule 4: stability workouts

It is very important that the training was regular . Choose the number of workouts per week, You will be able to carry without overloading yourself. But don’t pass the training.

Very bad when You attend training periodically: before the New Year, March 8, Birthday, beach season – to urgently to lose weight. May be, and You will get the result in appearance, but Your health will suffer.

The body is rebuilt on a new lifestyle is not as fast as You think.

A drastic change in life style is a kind of stress to the body.

He perceives this as a threat and causes the body to defend itself. For example, instead of consume fatty tissue, it begins to carefully accumulate, refuses to expend energy, and You feel lethargy and fatigue.

Rule 5: good nutrition

When you exercise You need high-quality proteins to support and increase muscular frame, fats – to support the health of all internal organs and invigorate your immune system and in the “right” carbs to support your body energy at a high level.

I have repeatedly said that there is only one diet for all people: a healthy balanced diet . This topic is discussed in detail in several articles. Start with the article: “23 secret food that will make You healthy and slim. Such a diet is important for everyone, regardless of what way of life leads people.

Now I want to focus on how to eat right before exercise and after.


It is recommended to eat 2 hours before workout . the food managed to “escape” from the stomach. Otherwise it will cause inconvenience. Can climb back up the esophagus, can cause heaviness in the abdomen, nauseated, and may even be a slight pain in the abdomen.

Before training it is impossible to overeat . after all, You need to force the body to consume its fat stores. But if You will train hungry, the body will not have enough energy for intense exercise. You will feel weak and not be able to have a full workout.

cereals from whole grains . oatmeal, buckwheat, rice (unpolished brown rice), barley, millet, barley…

fruit and berries . apples, apricots, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapefruit, plum… (except for fruits with high sugar content such as grapes, banana, figs, pineapple, mango, etc.);

a variety of fresh salads vegetables and herbs . dressed with olive oil.

These products contain slowly absorbed carbohydrates that will revitalize within a few hours. At the time, how fast carbohydrates give immediate release of sugar into the bloodstream, the excess is stored as fat, very quickly and once again You feel the hunger.

Food rich in slowly absorbed carbohydrates, will give food for brain and nervous activity needed to maintain energy during your workout, will increase your stamina and support the body with vitamins and minerals.


After training for several hours in the body is increased metabolism. It is better not to eat immediately . let Your body extracts energy from fat accumulation.

But you need to drink water . Drink as much as you want, don’t limit yourself. During an intense workout, we lose a lot of liquid. About the exceptional importance of water in our body read the article “Drink water instead of drugs…”

In natural water contains electrolytes — ions of the minerals that are necessary to support the work of the body. Therefore, drink will be included during training in small SIPS, so it does not interfere in the stomach, and always after a workout. After a workout than water you can drink green tea without sugar and fruit fruit drinks without sugar .

After exercise it is very important to restore and maintain muscle, especially if Your goal is increased muscle mass .

fillet of sea fish, squid, octopus, boiled chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese, egg white omelet;

to protein foods, add fresh vegetable salad . seasoned with olive oil, to fill the body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

If You very much want to eat immediately after a workout and can’t wait, drink kefir or eat yogurt . can also eat an Apple .

Rule 6: micropetala — antioxidants, vitamins, minerals…

In the first part of the article, I was told that if the body to maintain brain, heart, liver, nervous system, cleansing functions are not enough micropaedia, the body borrows it yourself from low-priority organs: skeleton, joints, teeth, skin, hair. This gradually leads to the loss of all internal organs.

In our time can not be guaranteed to get all the necessary nutrition from modern food, which now is sometimes very low nutritional value.

I recommend to support the nutrition of Your health through innovative, very attractive and very effective drinks: FuCoyDon, Eternity and SpectraMaxx:

Eternity will support the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, do athletic exercises for the heart easier and more enjoyable, increase Your workout performance, and accelerate weight loss;

FuCoyDon strengthen the immune system, support joint health and nervous activity, accelerate weight loss, increase regeneration of internal organs, hormonal and cleansing functions of the body;

SpectraMaxx neutralize all types of free radicals produced during strenuous sports, will give the necessary nourishment vitamins and minerals that will support the operation of all systems and organs of Your body.

For athletes it is recommended to increase the dose of these products in 2 or 3 times, depending on the intensity of training.

If You use these products, then after a while will notice how much easier You become to withstand the load . You will decrease the heart rate during the execution of the same exercises will not be a severe shortness of breath. You will improve your health and slow down the aging process .

I wish You to love the sport as soon as possible, and find for yourself the kind of activity that You will bring nothing but joy and pleasure. The sport will definitely make Your life healthier, more cheerful and brighter!


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