Morning exercises for pohudeniya

Charging slimming

Today, there are a huge variety of diets, with which everyone is welcome for a few days to achieve the unimaginable results. But, no one diet will help to have toned muscles, flexible body and attractive light movement. Such results could be achieved only by means of physical activity. Moreover, even the most simple short exercises for weight loss can not only greatly improve the appearance, health, but in General to lighten the mood.

Morning exercise is a complex exercise that must be completed daily. Such

exercises it is recommended to do absolutely all people, regardless of their degree of physical training and age. After all, since ancient times, observed that it is charging is the surest means to control body weight.

Common mistakes when performing morning exercises

• No need to focus on just one muscle group, seeking justification in the fact that you have little time. Often girls do within 10 minutes some Mahi for hips, buttocks, or the same amount of time doing crunches and are confident that they are great practice. But in fact, this approach to charging is the best way not to get any benefit, in the best case, you can increase locally the muscle tone.

• Do not equate a morning exercise and morning exercises. Morning training is done at least half an hour after awakening, and must include a thorough warm-up. In the second case, you exercise no more than 20 minutes, and its main purpose is simple exercises to Wake up and warm up the entire body.

• You should not do your morning exercises only exercise. If so, try to choose a complex system like Oxycise or Complex, can practice yoga. For beginners, these systems usually do not take more than 20 minutes.

• Do not start classes with active running, jumping or intense strength exercises. Everything, even the smallest workout should begin warm-up in 3-5 minutes.

A set of exercises morning exercises

To make your own set of exercises morning exercises easy. Let’s say you each morning for a charge of 15 minutes. Then 5 minutes to warm up, and the remaining 10 minutes to do total-toning exercises that will help to Wake up and strengthen the muscles. As a warm-up walk around the room, gradually increasing the intensity, pull in your abdominal muscles, push your hands and when you walk make their movement. Try to gradually increase the intensity of movements. At the end of the workout, go for a quick run, light jumps. Next, concentrate on the exercises:

Within 30 seconds I’ll jog or fast walk, lifting high the knees.

Lie on your back and slow movement, bend your legs at the knees. To tighten, lift the pelvis off the floor, two to relax and lower the pelvis down.

Lie on your back, straightened his legs lift up. In this position, hold, and then lower them smoothly. This exercise is also called candle.

Pull your stomach, straighten your back, put your hands on the waist and do lunges in turn, then right, then left foot.

Extend your arms at chest level and perform a deep squat, feet lifting from the floor.

Doing exercises, don’t overdo it. After all, doing morning exercises, a person should not feel the exhaustion, and the surge of strength and energy.

The path to weight loss is based on proper selection of diet and performing physical exercises. But unfortunately, due to the stresses of life in our time many people forget about the existence of sports. And little who performs every day morning exercises, justifying the fact that they have no time or just no desire. But charging for slimming is the ultimate way to saturate the body with happiness and cheer yourself up. But still there are people who were able to see the daily need to do the exercises. In doing so, they can help helps morning exercises, recorded on video.

But if you don’t want to do traditional exercise, you can just your favorite music to dance 15-20 minutes. Every morning, do exercises, you will definitely lose weight, improve your health and gain a beautiful figure and good spirits.

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