Warm-up in the workplace

Warm up to your area – that will rescue us from our apathy, and our body from ossification!

Office fitness it is possible to spend time in touching – let’s say you in my own way work schedule to give him 15-20 minutes. Better is to build in the afternoon either before lunch (but not outright then warm up to leave the dining room!)

It is possible to go and the second way is to “screw” a separate exercise in

personal work schedule. For example, sit at the computer – mash legs under the table. The others went out to smoke and you go out and walk along the corridor or several times up and down the stairs. All out – up and do a bit of bending and squatting.

Restrictions office of sport:

no intense exercise – specifically only warm-up (in the shower-then you will get soon!)

no sharp exercises and Mach with great amplitude (you’re in business clothes)

But even a sort of limited warm-up will bring a lot of good.

We are not worthy to wear tight fitting clothes and underwear, one or the other rubs. The choose shoes with a comfortable heel and Shoe. Awkward footwear constricts the blood vessels that disrupts normal blood flow, deform the foot.

Let’s start with the feet, with our long suffering feet, one or the other not inimitable taste of standing and sitting services and the need for long to be one-tinajones square without traffic. Standing and sitting service unsatisfactory affect the circulation and, consequently, on the condition of the foot. Varicose veins (the inimitable Dame) are often associated specifically with sitting or standing service.

Foot superior elemental overload – walking. Was min – stand up from behind the computer and walk along the corridor, fast step, it is possible.

If you have long to be on one tinahones square – try occasionally shifting from foot to foot. Get rid of bad habits to sit his legs.

Test “on the quiet” sitting behind a computer, to do huge exercises:

– In the sitting position “run” feet on the floor.

– A minute or two will knock your heels through the floor. The point of this exercise is that you “break up” the blood and lymph.

– Practice your toes – try to take them from the floor small items – socks and tights this is not a hindrance.

– Roll the sole of the foot of some cylindrical object, for example, a thick pencil.

– “Walk” in a sitting position on the outer country of the foot, on the inside, on the heels and on the toes.

– Make the feet a little massage – several quick strokes, starting at the feet and the arch of the foot, rise on the calves to the knee, then a little circular movements over the knee and thigh to the groin.

Don’t drink too much coffee – coffee dilates blood vessels. In the offices denser in total free access without restrictions coffee, tea and sugar. Use this for us freebie is limited. Smoking slightly relieves stress and allows you to focus, and this method of information sharing. But Smoking also dilates blood vessels and increases circulation, inimitable in the lower extremities. I urge you to throw smoke, I know how hard it is (wishing she had never smoked), and of the harm from Smoking a little exaggerated, but it’s still not Smoking abuse.

Exercises at the wall

Exercises at the wall ‘ till your back!

Bearing is the number of our style. Correct posture, sincere back, straightened his shoulders – more only encourages others to look at us with respect.

But to gain the correct posture at the modern lifestyle is not so easy. We are often in a sitting position and leaning close. When present in this sort of pose by the maximum hours in a touching and often without a break. Natural, our body involuntarily “learns” ekoe position back, and we ourselves don’t noticing, come closer, hunched over. This charleneli has become so universal that even developed and publish a special correctors to correct the alignment. At the moment they are on sale at whole health shops – biting and proofreaders back under the clothes, and vests.

Offer for you alphabetical set of exercises to straighten your back (instead of the spinal corrector or the Addendum), as well as for maintenance of stoop sincere and conservation of the back. I invented these exercises, wanting never stooped down (despite the fact that touching the 7-8 hours I spend at the computer).

Seek out comfortable in the office wall with no furniture – not only plastered and freshly painted – and then you will have all back white. For the spinal complex enough fluent piece of wall scope of two meters in width and 2 in height.

Exercise main. Tightly lean against the wall of the solid body, to push the wall back, shoulders, arms, hands, buttocks, and heels. Wait a minute in the sort of position and take 7 deep breaths (inhale later, the nose, exhale mouth after). Then without changing the position of the body (lock it – imagine that the wall is stuck to your back and you take her with you). With a sort of straightened back-wall walk around the room (construct steps in any direction, each gait, but without changing the position of the back) – what mainly is, the better. Immediately warn: those who are closer had to stoop, will initially hurt a little. In solace can share memories of youth. I did figure skating, and our coach at smallest try to Crouch hit his hand on the shoulder blades. There was hurt, but my back before this time sincere.

Exercise 2nd. Again lean against the wall (more loosely) and by bending the leg at the knee, make to 7 steps each leg. This exercise simply runs in each Shoe, even high heels.

The third exercise. Leaky lean against the wall and bending your arm at the elbow, make Mach 7 with each arm. This exercise simply runs in each clothing, even tight.

Exercise 4th. Now construct at once the Mach right hand and left foot – 7 times. Later opposite max left hand and right foot – also 7 times.

Exercise 5th. Hitch: 7 deepest breaths by tilting the body forward and “hanging out” hands down.

Exercises at the wall to help maintain correct posture, and therefore youth.

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