The qigong for weight loss, or a new philosophy slimming

East – the repository of ancient knowledge. That came out to us known techniques, learning the wisdom of life, success, health preservation and revitalization of vital energy. There is a special program – qigong for weight loss, consisting of a complex of gymnastic exercises, mental training and nutrition, which may be used not only to enhance physical and mental health, but also to lose weight.

Qigong as a healing of body and soul

Qigong is really a whole system, contributing to the improvement of the mind and body. Person who has completed this course, learn to control the internal energy and breath. The result is normalized internal processes, reduces nervous irritability and the body healthier as a whole.

Does Qigong weight loss? As Lana says Anatole, qigong for weight loss effective when it becomes a way of life. But the world-famous set of exercises called “breathing exercises qigong has helped many to heal their own weight, and improve physical condition.

The Qigong for weight loss

The results of the exercises Qigong, Japanese scientists confirmed that really make you think. Many middle-aged people who have completed the respiratory gymnastics, effortlessly were able to shift your weight forward. What kind of exercises?

Chinese qigong for weight loss includes three sets of exercises: the Lotus, the wave and the frog. Each of the blocks affects certain processes in the body. Lotus is aiming to increase the metabolism and to restore vitality. The wave is made with the aim of combating hunger. The frog is also designed to subdue appetite.

So, exercise for weight loss qigong: the Lotus

take the Lotus position, palms face up, eyes closed;

5 minutes is required to deeply inhale and exhale. Her breathing was regular and deep.

the next 10 minutes is recommended to breathe at a normal pace, plunging in sleep;

after completing the exercises, you should sit down with your eyes closed.

starting position – lying on your back with your knees bent;

one hand rests on his stomach, the other on the chest;

when inhaling you need to pull the belly, exhale to suck in your chest and inflate the abdomen, repeated 40 times;

at the end of exercise it is advisable to lie down for a few minutes with your eyes closed.

starting position – sitting on a chair, feet shoulder width apart;

right hand to clasp his left hand, clenched in a fist;

then you should bend over, elbows, knees, forehead touching the hands and close the eyes;

when you inhale to stretch the stomach, when breathing out, relax;

do the exercise for 15 minutes 3 times a day. Occasionally make the breath;

at the end you can sit back and relax.

Additions and reviews of qigong for weight loss

The qigong for weight loss able to saturate the cells with oxygen, to train the muscles to normalize pulse, and to fight hunger. If you combine exercises a restrictive diet in which used moderately sweet, salty, spicy, sour and bitter, it is possible to achieve impressive results. You must listen to your body and live in harmony. Meat, qigong adherents replace soy.

Reviews about qigong for weight loss recommend exercises to the people of middle and older age, are eager to keep fit and to lose a little weight. Exercise does not require great physical effort, some of them can be done even at work.

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