Types of cross-country trails

It is conditionally possible to divide all the tracks they cover two types — professional and Amateur. Professional track — the stadiums and indoor arenas, cross-country tracks on quality rubberized coating.

Not a professional, this is the rest of the plane on which you decide to run. A vivid example of a forested paths and paved sidewalks. Alignment with the natural, soft ground, oddly enough, the most dangerous for beginners, since they are often covered with small pits, stones and tree roots, not trained foot and ankle can easily be injured on such a surface. But at the

same time, they also have a huge plus — soft soil, which perfectly absorbs impact force. So for runs lasting more than hours the Park is perfect for you.

The most common and affordable in Russia look unprofessional coverage — the asphalt. It is desirable that at a track was a minimum of traffic lights and intersections. It is widely believed that running on asphalt is bad. This coating is most traumatic for those who run in the wrong technique and the wrong shoes. If these conditions are taken into account, feel free to jog on the gray canvas within 2 hours−3 times a week.

Despite its industrial image, Ekaterinburg has enough variety of cross-country trails. For both beginners and professionals.

Treadmills and tracks in Yekaterinburg

The Dynamo stadium is located in the city centre, despite that you can always find free places to Park the car. Athletes and fans are encouraged modern rubberized coating for a modest 100 rubles per hour. Besides Jogging, you can complete an hour in the pool. Swimming will accelerate the recovery of muscles and ligaments after running the load. Do not mix the order — first running, then swimming, flyback training is likely to result in injury. At the stadium “Dynamo” can be enjoyed daily from 8−30 to 21−30.

Who doesn’t want to overlap the circles, take two steps to the side of the track at the Dam and along the waterfront diversify the cross. I tell you a secret: if you arrange a training session at the Dam on Saturday morning, then it is likely that you will run next to our mayor. Tip — a red hoodie with white lettering on the back “Roizman”.

Most likely, many will say that the outdoor sports is not for Russians in Europe and America with their climate, jog all year round, but short and snowy Ural legends of the summer there we go. In bad weather the city has closed the fields. For example, the UK “Ray” (now “Schwabe-Sport), sports complex, is ideal for cross-country training in all respects. Here and the arena with the latest coating, and changing rooms with individual lockers, clean showers, and a cardio gym, a sauna and a massage room. And for perestaralsya during exercise there is even a sports doctor. And if on Plotinka you will run adjacent to the first face of the city, in the Beam of your neighbor can easily be Olympic champion. Just remember to bring a clean change of shoes — this is a sacred rule for indoor training halls. IC “Ray” is located on the street of the Weavers. 11 next to the recreation Park of a name of Mayakovsky, is open daily from 8−00 to 22−00, the cost of an hour of practice just 110 rubles.

Alternative indoor arena with treadmills, in Ekaterinburg there and in the UK “Kalininets” on the street. The Navy men 11, the price is in the range of 100 rubles per hour, the hours from 8−00 to 22−00.

Anyone who wants to combine business with pleasure, to find in addition to strong legs strong nerves and fill the lungs with ozone, must visit Park in Green Grove. The Park is located opposite the stadium, the Youth, on the street of national Will. The main advantage of Green Trees in the presence of dirt and paved trails. On Saturday morning there are group yoga classes on the lawn, try to join or mash on the horizontal bar equipped modern Playground. Especially nice that you can pay for the running and pull-up bars in the Park is not necessary. Attention! Bring nuts: squirrels here as bold as it is cute — popping up across the path, looking so pitiful and begged that I want to go to the store for food faster than the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt. About the same Roshinsky athletes looking for the bathroom, in the grounds of his not only on the neighbouring Gazprom gas station.

Workout in the recreation Park of a name of Mayakovsky (outside of Teachers, near SK “Ray”) is not less comfortable than in the Green Grove, the scale of the Park allow you to make not one good route. Distinctive benefits of free Wi-Fi and free Parking. Of the minuses — weekend crowds, and the smell of food from the many cafes tunes not on sports fashion.

South West forest Park (between the Bypass road and street Krasnolesie) — here even on weekends there are no traffic jams from dzogherov, during an hour workout, probably all encountered runners can be counted on the fingers. The soft ground under your feet, fresh air, birds singing, all of it, despite the proximity of ECAD, gives I feel like I was Jogging in the village with my grandmother and not in the metropolis.

Near the South-West forest Park there and loved by the residents of the neighborhood “Academic” asphalt track. Running on them is better or early in the morning or in the evening, after you pass the main stream of cars. The area is beautiful, safe, clean. And most importantly — during your training you have encountered a number of sports enthusiasts leave no doubt in the fact that the virus is running rapidly takes over the city, and you are on the right track.

Almost every neighborhood has a school stadiums, there can not be afraid of cars, dogs and cyclists. In between will prove to the school physical education teacher, cross 3000 meters for you today is a mere trifle.

If you still have doubts from the category of “Running — it’s not mine”, and “too late for Me to start in my weight, age, dense work/family schedule” (underline), believe me, it is not.

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