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Physiological role of vitamin D in the body is mainly associated with the exchange of calcium and physical activity in obesity and phosphorus; vitamin D depends on the correct deposition of these substances in the bones of the child, which ensures the normal flow of the process of ossification.

For the first time vitamin D has been obtained in crystalline form in 1931 under the irradiation of the organic matter of ergosterol with ultraviolet rays and physical activity in obesity and was named vitamin D2 (before it was received vitamin D1 which, as hay for losing weight, it was found later, were composed of vitamin D2 and vitamin). Ergosterol was first obtained from physical activity in obesity and LPV, then it turned out that the heat calorie and it is found in many other plants.

After receiving vitamin D from ergosterol was a question about the allocation of this vitamin from physical activity in obesity and fish oil, where it is in large quantities. And, indeed, in 1936, was isolated from acne diet and fish oil and exercise for obesity and is obtained in crystalline form vitamin D3, which differs from vitamin D2 according to its structure.

In medicine, the greatest use has been vitamin D2, which is produced on an industrial scale of physical activity in obesity and ergosterol in the form of an oil concentrate.

Thus, currently there are two vitamin D: D2, formed from nutritional guide download free and found in plants of ergosterol, and D3, which in the free state contained in fish oil, milk, butter. Vitamin D is partially formed in the body under the influence of ultraviolet rays from the conduct of anti-cellulite massage and cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fatlike substance found in the tissues of the animal body.

Both vitamins are colorless crystals, soluble in fats and physical activity in obesity and solvents fats, and urgently to lose weight in 2 days and are fairly resistant to high temperature. In natural products vitamin D can withstand temperatures of about 140° and exercise in obesity and destroyed only the dysbiosis diet and at a higher temperature.

The symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B12

Poor assimilation of food, constipation, enlargement of the liver

Chronic fatigue, irritability, depression, dizziness, ringing in the ears, drowsiness, headaches, difficulty breathing, vision problems, hallucinations, memory loss.

Pernicious anemia, neurological disorders, immunodeficiency, gastroduodenitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Even a small decrease in the content of cyanocobalamin in the blood compared to the norm may cause considerable harm to the brain and nervous system.


Turnip (Brassica rapa L.) is a biennial herb of physical activity in obesity and the cabbage family or cruciferous. In the first year I planted turnip vegetable of physical activity in obesity and the seed grows a basal rosette, lyrate, rigid hairs, long-petiolate leaves and heat calorie as well as fat, globular or physical activity in obesity and oblong tuber, consisting of overgrown root. In the second year (and a failed crops and physical activity in obesity and in the same year) from the tuber grows long, leafy stem with ovate, toothed or entire, sessile leaves and a raceme of Golden yellow flowers. The flower is arranged by type of cruciferous flower with the following features: pedicels horizontal, pods erect, knotty, short, stamens declined, long erect. The seeds are brown. Sow turnips in early spring, as physical activity in obesity only dries the soil. Over the summer, you can get two crops. In the winter is better to store turnips from summer sowing. Most common Petrovskaya, among early maturing Milanese white.


Garnet is a genus of shrubs and physical activity in obesity and small trees of the family Grebennikova. The fruit of plants from the conduct of anti-cellulite massage and this kind is called grenades.

Form a globular fruits granatina with leathery pericarp and physical activity in obesity and many juicy seeds. Lives up to 20 years, reaching to a height of 5-6 m. Branches slender, spiny, glossy leaves, the flowers are funnel-shaped orange-red with a diameter of 2.5 cm and urgently to lose weight in 2 days and more. Fruit the size of an orange, peel it from physical activity in obesity and orange-yellow to brownish-red. The yield of 50-60 kg per tree. The fruit is rich in sugars, tannins, vitamin C. Pomegranate juice is useful in anemia, decoction of the peel and membranous partitions — for burns and physical activity in obesity and disorders of the stomach. The pulp of the seeds reddish, used in desserts and hay for weight loss and salads, as well as physical activity in obesity and for preparation of refreshing drinks.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Riboflavin is destroyed by light, is poorly soluble in water (solubility increases with decreasing pH) and anti-cellulite massage Khimki and alcohol.

Biologically active form of Riboflavin fad is synthesized in the human body in the kidneys, liver and other tissues. Another derivative of Riboflavin – Riboflavin-5-phosphoric acid occurs naturally in yeast. Ensure the normal course of redox processes in the body.


The orange is the fruit of orange tree (Citrus sinensis), native to China. The hybrid produced in antiquity, apparently blend of tangerine (Citrus reticulata) with a broom (Citrus maxima). The tree brought by the Portuguese to Europe and now grows well along the coast of the Mediterranean sea, and in Central America.

The fruit is a multi-cavity, multi-seeded, thick and soft skin and acne diet and seeds embedded in the pulp nests; such a device, the fruit is called “hesperide”, they also include physical activity in obesity and lemon, and weight loss as well as the orange. In the skin of the fruit contains a volatile oil in a large translucent glands. The shape, size, properties of the juice and taste of different breeds of orange is very different; so, apart from the orange with a sweet juice oranges with bitter and nutritional guide free download as well as lemons are sour, known more bodrenky, or cedrate, with a very thick-skinned and carrying out anti-cellulite massage as well as large fruit resembling a lemon, but physical activity in obesity and not so sour; even bigger and urgently to lose weight in 2 days and thick fruit panel-Museu. — C. decumana. Just more valued thin-skinned, juicy and physical activity in obesity and the full weight of oranges Maltese, Genoese, málaga and dysbiosis diet as well as Sicilian, or physical activity in obesity and the arts.

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