As the heart is influenced by physical activity

As the heart is influenced by physical activity?

The load on the heart for each person will be different and it depends on many factors, for example, a large load is tested by athletes during intense training. The heart of man — this is a kind of pump, the principle of which prescribes that the heart muscle can adjust the load, which should be feasible and comfortable.

The natural control or self-regulation of stress on the heart by using heart rate. If a person, for example, is at rest, the heart rate ranges from 60 to 90 beats per minute. Within a minute through the heart muscle takes about

four liters of blood. This indicator is called the cardiac output.

Good exercise strengthens the heart muscle

When an additional load on the heart increases as the frequency of its contractions, and the amount of blood pumped by the heart. Typically, such a heart less wear because the load train. Heart healthy person is able to adapt, even in conditions of severe stress, but like any muscle, it takes time to relax. It should be noted that in the aging process of the body the heart’s need for rest becomes more tangible, however, it increases not as much as many suppose. Thus, a good and reasonable amount of pressure on the heart at all will not wear it, but rather serves as a great workout.

Many believe that the increase in the size of the heart muscle is adapting to significant loads. To date there is little evidence in favor of the fact that adequate and regular load on the heart can adversely affect his health. Most modern methods of training and hardening of the heart include only moderate load on it. In addition, it has long been established that a person who has a well-trained heart, is able to perform much more physical work than the one who lives with the idea that the load on the heart harmful.

The regulation mechanisms of comfortable heart

Statistics show that when you exercise or other physical activity the amount of blood that pumps the heart muscle per minute, increases from four to twenty liters. This mechanism explains the increase in the volume of blood pumped heart muscle after each contraction. In addition, the impact and frequency of contractions of the muscles of the heart.

How are heart rate and stroke volume of the heart muscle?

With the increase in heart rate occurs increase its stroke volume. But if you increase the heart rate to a certain number of beats, which is the heart uncomfortable, stroke volume, on the contrary, begins to decline. When a person loads your heart, a result he is well trained, and the limit of the heart is large enough. Therefore, such a person is able to transfer significant load on the heart.

When measuring diastolic blood volume and filling level of the heart muscle with blood is fixed, the increase in stroke volume of the heart muscle. Enhancing the fitness of the heart usually causes the heart rate becomes lower. Such changes indicate that reduced the load on the heart. Thus, as the heart and the body as a whole gradually and successfully adapt to physical stress.

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