ATP Vitamins for athletes ShroomTECH Sport

Cordyceps, vitamin B12 and other natural ingredients increase the synthesis of ATP, endurance and promote recovery

If you exercise or work you do a lot of running, jumping, swimming, fighting with a partner in sparring, or in a full-fledged “war” in the ring — you know how important it is to be at the peak of endurance, especially at a professional event, when a daily workout and healthy

eating is your norm, and the one who is faster in a split second who are a bit tougher the enemy, the one who is working to win even when she’s sleeping.

ShroomTech Sport is a natural vitamin complex for athletes and active people — gives an extra boost of energy at the peak of activity and endurance . Unlike stimulants, “Chromtech Sports” doesn’t Deplete the body and is not an “ATF tablets” — he contributes to the natural increase of the body’s ability to synthesis of cellular energy (ATP), and not through a stimulating effect, and improves the flow of oxygen, allowing you to move on and recover faster.

Contains only natural and safe ingredients . the main one of which is a Chinese mushroom Cordyceps, known for its natural stimulating properties.

The idea behind ShroomTech Sport is to create a safe dietary Supplement that professional athletes could safely be taken every day, even in the days of the competition — pure energy, real records and General health benefits — and the cool guys from Onnit™ Labs, the producers of “Sremcica”, have achieved great results through a unique combination of Cordyceps . adaptogens . of antioxidants and vitamin B12.

Who uses ShroomTech . Professional athletes, marathon runners and martial artists (especially in the circles of Brazilian JIU jitsu).


The manufacturer uses the best quality natural ingredients:

Chinese Cordyceps a rare mushroom that increases cellular energy and oxygen capacity of blood. A recent breakthrough in the technology of its cultivation in combination with a resounding success, accompanying him at the Olympic games in Beijing, is rapidly introduced him into the circle of scientific interest

Super Cordyceps™ is a powerful bio-available extract increase the activity of Cordyceps

Astragalus — Chinese plant, contributing to the realization of the full potential of Cordyceps

Vitamin B12 (Methyl b-12) is involved in protein metabolism and amino acid synthesis

Siberian ginseng

Rhodiola is a natural adaptogen

Green tea extract — a powerful antioxidant and balanced source of caffeine

Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that helps to restore glutathione

Magnesium Chelate is necessary for optimal muscle function and hydration processes

The product is certified anti-doping Committee of the “Kölner Liste”, and since September 2012 is included in the list of allowed taking the drugs. Detailed information

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