Chinese gymnastics tai Chi Chuan

Dear friends, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, thousands of people played with the Chinese tai Chi. Traditional Chinese sport has gained popularity worldwide. Taijiquan is one of the types of Wushu. It not only improves health, but also prevents disease.

Taijiquan is one of the forms of Chinese Wushu fight. This sport includes elements of health, education, spiritual power and the regulation of the internal energy “qi”. The movements of Taijiquan are controlled by thought, are smooth and full of power.

56-year-old pensioner Zhang suffers from insomnia. Six months ago she began

to practise Taijiquan. Now her health is much improved. That’s what she said:

“For the treatment of insomnia I tried to take many medicines, but they did not help me. Now every morning I practice tai Chi, and it really strengthens my health”.

The tai Chi master Fu Zhong explained that according to the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, the main cause of disease – violation of harmony and balance between Yin and Yang. The human body is covered with a network of channels Jingli, which circulate the life energy “qi”. The exercises of tai Chi promote the correct functioning of Jingli.

The tai Chi slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, activates the digestive system. Thanks Taiji exercises strengthen the Central nervous system, stimulates the function of the cortex of the brain, strengthen the immune system and even slow the aging process.

Specialist tai Chi Fu Shengyuan 80 years. He has a very good health. About the therapeutic effect of tai Chi, he said:

“Taijiquan is a soft sport. It helps in the treatment of chronic diseases, such as arthritis, hypertension, gastropatia and others.”

The tai Chi master Cui Junsang supervised the rehearsals gymnasts tai Chi, speaking at the opening of the Beijing Olympics. He believes that tai Chi Chuan includes elements of health and education of spiritual power, this is the best regulator of the internal energy “qi”. Long practice of tai Chi can relieve any tension, improve mood, relieve fatigue and exhaustion. And this is so important in modern life. He said

“Tai Chi is very useful to keep calm and blissful mood. Especially nowadays, when a very intense rhythm of life, people, especially youth, should do the exercises”.

Taijiquan is very popular all over the world. British uğur Osman engaged in tai Chi for 18 years. Now he has opened in the UK School of tai Chi, where 40 Britons suffer this traditional form of Chinese gymnastics. Uğur Osman said that in the UK the tai Chi is very popular. In his opinion, it is a good complex, which helps to improve health.

“Taijiquan is the most good form of exercise. It is useful for physical and spiritual health. The exercises of tai Chi allow me to become stronger and more wise.”


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