Good NUTRITION and a HEALTHY lifestyle

Strike exercise on stress and obesity?

Bender: “Strike rally

off-road and sloppiness”

I. Ilf, E. Petrov,

“The Golden calf”, part 1, Chapter VI

If cage the elephant read the inscription

“Buffalo,” don’t believe your eyes.

Kozma Prutkov

As one of the epigraphs to this Chapter, the author has chosen to call famous literary character, which became a classic. Note that this character wanted one blow (the rally) to end immediately with two evils (road system and sloppiness). And we with you, dear reader, try one blow (physical activity) to end with two troubles: the impact of stress on the body and obesity (completeness).

The reader may recall that in previous chapters we have tried to overcome obesity by increasing physical activity and found that such attempts are usually unsuccessful.

However, even at the highest scientific level, one can often read the advice to use physical activity as a means of combating the effects of stress in the human body and by stress. In this case, a natural question arises: do not Bang whether physical activity both stress and obesity? Especially because some people, as noted above, under stress “using food to fill something missing in their soul.” Maybe exercise will lead us to a double success in the fight against obesity through increased energy expenditure and through the reduction of stress extra intake of food?

Refer to the opinion of authoritative scientists.

“From a physiological point of view the stress response of the body, obviously, can be regarded as protective. Stress is designed to prepare the body for the response to environmental exposures. What determined the ability for humans to survive in the harsh conditions of the struggle for existence, say, the stone age? Hunting, running, i.e. intense exercise. Today, the stress response has lost its biological usefulness, because emotions are not completed, like our ancestors, physical activity and related metabolic shifts. In the body accumulates excess substances that can raise blood pressure”. Unfortunately, these words belong to academician K. I. Shkhvatsabaya.

The structure of the cortex of the human brain to assess a stressful situation and adjust the development of the stress response in the body. It is incorrect to assume that all stressful situations of our day in human blood is the same of catecholamines, how many of them were our ancestor in the stone age during the mammoth hunt or while fleeing from pursuing hunters from a neighboring tribe. I too experienced, so to speak, experienced people in our days there are even underestimating the insufficient amounts of catecholamines in the blood. In addition, intense exercise are suppliers of catecholamines in the blood, dangerous followers of stress absorbers. Thus, to claim that “today, the stress response has lost its biological feasibility”, there is no reason. Stress reactions niches in the days of highly biologically appropriate, although the structure of their lost “mammoth flavor” of the stone age and bought a fragrance, for example, modern drilling equipment, etc.

Academician K. V. Sudakov: “…the entire exclusion of the conflict of life is impossible. And then… it is Very important switch of an anxious person to another activity, in particular for intense muscular work. Negative emotion can be greatly weakened by Biking, Jogging, even just a few vigorously done any exercise.

It is a widespread and dangerous misconception! Read the academician K. I. Shkhvatsabaya “Medications for hypertension” (1983): “the Human body is designed so that a discharge of nervous tension most naturally happens only in increased physical activity. Many people do this subconsciously. After the trouble, difficult experiences they suddenly seized with a craving activity. They begin to do cleaning, to carry weight, to chop wood, etc. Possible physical work, walking, favorite sports – all this must not only follow nervous loads, but also to become familiar with daily procedures. Conversely, rest in a chair watching TV or chess and the book that require mental effort, not serve as the natural discharge…”.

It is obvious that the authorities forget medicine known fact: intense muscle work takes place in the body according to the laws of stress and floods the blood with catecholamines. Physical effort requires intense replenish the body with adrenaline and noradrenaline!

Naturally, the errors at the academic medical level inspired by Yuri Andreev in one of his “Lessons…” (“St. Petersburg Vedomosti), 22.12.94) extremely annoying and unacceptable content in the form of a statement. Quote it.

“Life all the time puts us in a stressful situation, which in itself isn’t so scary: it’s kind of quenching the spirit. Scary, if the excitement of moving is not in discharge of, and in a stagnant state. What to do in such cases? The most serious account speaking, you should treat yourself with a professional understanding: it is worth it! What does it mean? Of course, I really wish all of the readers would have passed full or part-time courses of anger management, but I am not sure that tomorrow he will begin these useful classes. And stress-then squeeze the heart today! How to be?

But here’s how: it is necessary to know the mechanism that nature originally created for the elimination of not only stress, but the actual causes behind it. Stress for our ancestors was the situation that threatens life itself, and to overcome it was only active movement! To do this, the blood spilling hormones, dramatically the possibility of activating blood circulation and therefore the ability to exercise. In all cases: whether it was necessary to lie against the mammoth or the woolly mammoth, but the ability to move from dependent life itself! Salvation from the immense excitement was laid only in the movement and nowhere more. This psychobiological system was created, strengthened and perfected millions of years, and we, the orphans, we believe that in the last 500 years that are sitting at the table, the aforesaid mechanism is cancelled… Fools! Stressful situations began to arise around us more often than in the era of mammoths, still the core of adrenaline released into the blood from the adrenal cortex, but in response to our stillness… Time release, two release, thirty-three times the emissions without adequate physical activity and offer a wide choice for any… disease, heart attack, stroke, stomach ulcers… I Think the conclusion is clear: not vodka and not chemical pills, but only muscle work in one form – that of a powerful anti-stress drug that allows you to soothe, balance the nervous system. But no, I sit as still as wooden chocks, think to fool mother nature, and ruin himself…

Another natural anti-stress recipe: stream comfortable, enjoyable for you water from cupolas along the ridge for at least three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening. The effect is wonderful, within a day or two you will be much calmer. The fact that swiftly flowing down from the head to barefoot, and then grounded the heels removes water from your cortex that induced overexcited bark electricity, which is the cause of numerous failures of your “automation”. Give yourself, a loved one, just six minutes a day – it will save years of life. Of course, swimming with his movement of water from the head along the spine will be even better, because it combines physical activity, and withdrawal induced interference on the subcortex, and even hardening”.

Our comment: if you really value your time the level of their knowledge, do not spoil it with such “lessons”, where every phrase, simple ignorance of the issue: from the adrenaline that was never released into the blood by the adrenal cortex, but only their brain substance, from a complete misunderstanding causes of heart attack, stroke and stomach ulcers, to the incomprehension of the fact that hormone (catecholamine) activation of blood circulation produced by nature is not to eliminate stress and their causes (causes, most often, are generally outside the body and hormones of a person for them mean nothing) that she desired the same for physical activity during stress and exercise out the stress and after stress, Y. Andreev offers as a means of stress. Nonsense! And the elimination of fast-flowing water induced in the heritage electricity (understanding level circuit electroscope in the school study of physics) is electrobiological a masterpiece, not evaluated properly by the physiology. Dear reader, do not try to arrange a short circuit between the head and heels (grounded, of course!). Despite assurances Y. Andreeva, nothing useful could come of it. Our advice: never boost adrenaline storm in the blood, caused by stress, another adrenaline storm from physical activity.

If you, dear reader, will read somewhere authoritative advice quenching stresses physical activities, in this case it is advisable to recall the warning of Kozma prutkov made by the author in the epigraph, and …not believe my eyes!

And, since physical activity was not the best way to fight obesity, to dealing with stress physical activity is categorically unacceptable! Firefighters do not recommend to extinguish burning kerosene kerosene. Most likely, they are right.

So, exercise is extremely important for the human body, in many cases they are just saving, but not in stressful situations, when such loads are harmful and even dangerous!

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