22 reasons to practice yoga

Flexibility is one of the basic motor qualities – associated with the elasticity of muscles, ligaments, joint mobility, with age, the flexibility is lost that has more to do with the aging process. “As long as the spine is flexible, young man, but disappears as soon as flexibility – people get older,” said the Indian yoga. Indeed, neither the strength nor endurance, nor the speed does not decrease with age so much as flexibility. Regular Yoga will not only help to maintain flexibility, but to some extent to develop it at any age.


One of the beauties of yoga is that it opens the door in front of everyone, at any age. Never too late to start. Therefore, there is no harm to anyone from yoga, and there is no excuse not to do it. But how helpful it could only be understood by practicing it. “Young, old, sick and weak – all can turn to yoga and to benefit by means of constant practice. Success is achieved by one who is engaged, not the one who is not engaged”.

Soft impact. Muscle tone

The difference from a regular yoga sports training is the CONSCIOUS execution of movements and that it does not cause muscle spasms. Practice progressively lengthens the ligaments and gives tone to the muscles, which play an important role in the formation of a slender figure.


In our busy world the opportunity to be alone with him seems to us rarely. Practice gives an incomparable sense of unity with itself, helping to calm the mind, leaving all the worries and problems. You will learn to listen to yourself and to see the things that are really important.

Protection from the inside

Yoga practice is especially useful for people who are over 25, when the regenerative ability of the body decreases, and resistance to disease is weakened. Early in the last century, physicians have established a strong link between the immune system and the condition of the connective tissue (which is formed by bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons). So deep stretching in the asanas not only helps to develop flexibility, but also increases the body’s resistance to various diseases.

Preserve the slimness and health

Yoga really helps to regulate weight (normalizing cortisol levels, a hormone that under stress causes your appetite). If your weight is below normal, it will increase if above is reduced. And it’s not the degree of physical activity, and that the practice is changing and soul, and body. Already for anybody not a secret that yoga helps to get rid of bad eating habits. Moreover, reducing the level of stress hormone cortisol, regular practice helps to keep calcium in the bones, preventing osteoporosis, a threat which appears after 35 years!

Delicate skin

Through practice, the skin is rejuvenated and becomes a special radiance: aligned color, fade dark circles under the eyes. Practice regulates the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, resulting in improved metabolism and biochemical changes in the tissues.

A second youth

We age in the blood increases the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, and sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen – decreases. However it is depend on our youth and beauty. We can increase lifespan and improve its quality.“Yoga does not promise miracles, but it can slow down the aging process!“

Just calm

While practicing in the blood large quantities of serotonin and endorphins, and you get a sense of psychological comfort, not dependent on external circumstances. Already in the first session you will experience what it means to be both relaxed and focused (even if it seemed impossible and not fit in the head). And over time you will learn to apply this skill in everyday life: even the most dreadful slammed will not be able to knock you off track.

Royal posture

Hunched back, curvature of the spine and a closed chest – all that we “owe” the benefits of civilization. Regular yoga will help to restore the aristocratic posture in a few months.

Healthy back

Asanas (postures) strengthen the muscles of the torso, improve flexibility and lengthen the spine, creating space between the vertebrae to minimize the pressure on the disks and restore them. Thus yoga helps relieve chronic pain in the lower back, which with age is beginning to bother even those who lead an active lifestyle. Well, if you start to do this, without waiting for the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, sciatica and did not appear!

Myself massage therapist

Performing asanas, you literally massages the internal organs. Especially useful from this point of view, twisting in the abdomen is alternately stretched and compressed. The result is a normal digestion and good functioning of the kidneys and liver (vital organs that clean and filter the blood of toxins).

From sadness to joy

Breathing oxygenates our blood, because during the practice air reaches all corners of the lungs. In addition, it is an excellent therapy for asthma and chronic bronchitis. Relaxed practices will help Allergy sufferers to breathe at all times of the year. Relaxation deprives the body to respond to stress, which greatly aggravates allergies. Once the immune system calms down, the Allergy symptoms gradually disappear.


Can yoga treat? Rather, it can be very useful in healing. Asanas mobilize the natural forces of the body that accelerate the recovery process after a long illness. Practice is a state of relaxation. “Where relaxation is always there health. But to achieve the effect, need to practice regularly. The key to success is effort, patience combined with diligence and perseverance. Swoop here will not take.

High blood pressure note

Regular yoga practice helps to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases; improves lymph and blood circulation, which ensures normal functioning of all organs and body systems. Asanas have a beneficial influence on the heart (by strengthening the heart muscle and normalizing the rhythm), lowers blood pressure.

Control your emotions

All strong emotions, and especially psychological injury leave traces in our body. Regular practice gradually releases the body from the clamps, and with them, dissolve and subconscious emotional blocks. Learning to control the subtle movements of the body in the asanas, we gradually acquire the ability to manage negative emotions, become less violent and irritable. Opening the chest, we gradually allow ourselves freer to Express emotions, become more cordial.

Creative boost. Memory the envy of all

Practice inverted poses improve memory, mental ability and brain activity, balances the functioning of both hemispheres. Mastering complex asanas, we overcome the fear of unusual positions of the body, and as a result we have the confidence not only on the Mat, but in everyday life: the solution to every problem becomes us on the shoulder.

The power of the spirit

In accordance with the philosophy of yoga hands and feet are the organs of action. Asanas, in which we are actively pulling them, strengthen the will, increase our ability to take action, our potential, strengthen your spirit and develop fearlessness – qualities highly relevant to modern man.

The lightness of being

Performing an asana, we focus completely on the body, discarding all extraneous thoughts and focusing on the present moment. So we learn to be “here and now” and to enjoy every second and moment of their lives.

Peace of mind

Restless mind, the main problem of the modern successful man. To cope with her help Savasana (pose “dead man”, performed at the end of practice). It calms the mind, gives deep relaxation and makes you feel good no matter how much you downloaded. Additionally, clears the mind and helps to make informed, clear decisions.

Healthy relationships and family

Yoga improves the blood supply to the sexual glands, and stimulates the organs of the pelvis. Therefore, the practice may be an effective therapy for the treatment of sexual and gynecological disorders and infertility.

The impossible is possible

And, finally, yoga makes us believe in our own strength. Learning new asanas which earlier seemed to us something unattainable, we are convinced in their ability to make radical steps, which once did not dare to think even in my wildest dreams

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