Interview with trainer – secrets of a perfect figure and how to lose weight after childbirth

To lose weight after the second birth and, preferably, to make the figure perfect, I went to the pool. Of course, to lose weight in the pool just to swim is not enough. Because I chose water aerobics. When the seemingly simplicity of the exercises, it’s a fairly intense workload, the results of which can be seen «on a person», or rather, in other parts of the body. Could not refrain — has interviewed our Aqua-aerobics trainer. So who, and she knows exactly how to make a beautiful figure, how to get rid of excess weight training, swimming, healthy food. At the same time I learned how to lose weight after childbirth, diet for nursing mothers, exercises after childbirth and other interesting things.


— How often do you train?

-My workouts daily, if we consider teaching classes in water aerobics and swimming training! Over time the body gets used to physical activity, no longer perceives them as work, rather it supports the muscular system. During the training process with clients a lot of distractions (it is necessary to watch how to perform the exercises, to prepare in advance for the lessons). Myself I train 3 times a week for an hour, mostly workout in the pool. The gym and group classes don’t always walk it.


— If a woman decided to start up her figure, what would you advise her to start?

-*The first rule and a one hundred percent success is desire. The desire for her husband, children and family, and for yourself! Work on yourself — it is a very difficult path, but effort and commitment are worth it. Believe my years of experience!

When you go to work on her figure, you will change internally in addition to external factors. I distinguish 3 stages:

1-I – imperfection inner peace with your body (what you see in the mirror, but want to be better)

— — change yourself and others (by working on yourself, you begin to see the result. Don’t stop there. Help her friends and offer to train together.)

3-I love myself (the end result and keeping yourself in shape)

*The second rule is a good figure — to decide what you enjoy, more fun – it could be walking, running, Cycling or with children, trips to the countryside, skiing, and swimming are all sports. The movement is a continuation of your life. What I mean — will later.

*Third — feel free yourself, try all you like and enjoy. Make the move of your life!

Returning to the issue of the movement is life. Scientists say that any movement that the expenses in small or large. I agree with them 100%. If the expenses are, then it’s a waste of calories in the body, more movement — the passion burns calories. Let’s not forget, the expenses is not a dream that people have to spend 7-8 hours a day, all the other costs of the human factor. Sitting or lying in one place (sofa bed chair), but we do not exclude the meals is added as the process of digestion, chewing and swallowing, so as to compensate for the loss of energy.

— What actions you need to perform to have a great figure, because some of the exercises a little?

-*1st to move More. If you have small children, try to play with them in games, if the kids, walk with strollers adjusting fast and slow pitch (want to build leg — buy small ankle weights and attach if you walk). If you’re an office worker, do not be lazy once again walk after work to the metro, nearby streets or go one stop on foot.

*2 it is Advisable to follow a diet. There is no need to exclude a large number of products from the diet or go on a diet. It is better to reduce the intake of food, eat small portions 3-5 doses per day, dinner should be 3-4 hours before bedtime. It is better to eat a balanced diet, here are some tables which will be able to help you.

Pyramid will help you determine where to start the food. What can you do and in what proportions to use during the week to maintain a good figure.

If you carefully note the components of this table, You will see that every product is almost always involved in our diet.

Diet is not the answer, unless you observe it from year to year, from day to day. After the diet the chances are that you can gain even more weight, as diet is stressful to the body.

*3rd Any movement – sport. Start each morning with a simple charging, keep your body and muscles to remember what the job. In my childhood no one tired to run and jump without stopping, as we did this daily and systematically. To spend 30 minutes, I think everyone in the state, the more that you spend them on yourself beautiful. Exercises you can do anywhere. Can choose for themselves on the Internet, to do with the instructor of the TV, choose from books and magazines. It all depends on what muscle group you want to work with.

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