Deal with it – Marathon in Toronto.

Photo report about the race of 42 kilometers and 195 meters

Pressured the grin on the fortieth mile.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The day before the launch to be on RunExpo

Here you need to get a room on the breast with an integrated chip, which will be held timestamps on the track. Back in the red bag t-shirt with the symbols of the marathon, a special package in which you can fold things

and put them in storage at the start.

At the show, lots of booths. Promotional stands of other marathons and premaratne. Products for running, many with a good discount. Sports nutrition. Sports medicine. All sorts of innovations in running and training. Interesting. Bought myself a nutritional gels with caffeine for a run, innovative shorts for running, very comfortable, jacket for running in the rain, the flashing beacon on running shoes in the dark.

One of these I bought a couple months ago for twice the price than here 🙁

All of a sudden. Nutrition for cats and dogs

Runners painted on the wall.

The marathon starts at 8.45. In place need to be at 8.00. Lift 6.00 in. You need to eat carbs, drink and to get to the start

The outside temperature is below zero.

The starting town is huge. Very convenient to everything in an orderly manner, without crush, everywhere signs

The first thing to drop the robe to the storage chamber

The time before the race there, you can walk. Here in the yellow shirt pacemaker. A special person who is guaranteed to run a marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes, everyone who is running at this time needs to keep up with him on the track. Pacer is on all the results every 15 minutes. If you look closely, he’s wearing rabbit ears visible. If you ever seen the races dogs at racetracks, we drew attention to the mechanical rabbit which lagaye pursue. Here and there was – pace bunny.

Sorry for panoramma, it can be seen the main indicator of the quality of the organization – the number of toilets. Before the marathon all need to relieve myself. All drink a lot of water before the start. At the marathon in Moscow were mile long lines. So when you get. It should be like in Toronto.

To start swollen ready. The day before is recommended to drink a couple of liters and a liter before the start. The water which he would give at a distance the body can not be enough, it’s still need to learn. The most common cause of loss of consciousness on race – dehydration. I specially at the gym she’s worked herself into almost to dehydration.To know the symptoms. State of interest. It freezes, speech is slurred like a drunk in the smoke, the heart and whoops from the thickened blood, dizzy. If you drink in this state fell swoop liter of water you you glue the fins, the motor will not survive. Don’t want that to repeat.So little water the body needs to nourish in advance. And toilets at the start more.

Another drink of water before the race. The uncles on the right foot interesting thing. Such RunExpo sold. You can run with an injured knee. Judging by the color of the room a man full marathon run. Well it’s time to start.

At the start of the 10,000 people running the half marathon and 4,000 marathoners. Physical abilities all at the same time to start there, so the track is produced by the participants of the waves. When registering for the marathon, you need to specify about the time for which you expect to run and at the start you need to find your corral – Corral to start with my wave and not get in the way of faster runners. Hands-free brand of American patter is continuously poured praise in honor of the heroes bravely released on strata. Flatters, and starts cheering.

First start with disabilities.

Behind them the elite of the world of marathon running. Professionals run for the money. For the first place in men $ 20,000. For the eighth 2 000$/ If it will run in less than 2 hours 06 minutes, plus another 50 000$. More bonuses for the records (if any) Canada/Ontario/Toronto. And even some bonuses from sponsors, I did not go, I couldn’t take it.

Then fast lovers. The Indian in the beard 70 years

I started in this wave. Just remember the pacemaker-premaratna marked “2.15”, but the picture itself is not found.

the last starting wave

The pile of clothes that take off from the runners themselves. It’s still a bit in Paris was twenty times more. The mountains were.

The weather is almost perfect (almost, because the sun is bright a little disturbed). The temperature at the start of 3 degrees. There is no wind. Breathe easy, run joyfully.

Well, you make out that she written on the back.

Yet five miles not run off and be entertaining

The first ten flew by

Toilet cubicles on the track enough. Not that in Vienna. where under every Bush.

The official name of the marathon Toronto Waterfront Marathon.” A strip of water of lake Ontario was visible for about 15 minutes

Fire runs. At full ammo. Behind him healthy heavy tank mixture with oxygen, she breathes. Ran. Finished in about five minutes after me.

Ran to high Park and back towards downtown.

17 kilometer. Giacca

Drinkers every 2-3 kilometers.

In Europe every 5 kilometers. Most of the time more convenient. Better by little to drink in the belly was gurgling.

Part of the route passed under speed main artery of Toronto – Gardiner Express. For marathon running the road course overlap.

Riding in a car for a couple days before the race kept running eyes on information boards warning about overlapping runs. And in St. Petersburg, fled with loud obscenities motorists who stood for 5 hours, did not know that the bridges will block

Premaratna well and I another beer run and run.

20th kilometer.

Premaratne are already moving on a step, and I still have to run and run and run and run.

Me on the right.

Rows running heavily thinned

From high-rise hen house so the light reflected

The 25th kilometer. Witches something infernal play

in Toronto each neighborhood organizes its definitely a point of support.

One for the whole area of the mess. Funny. Screamed, jumped and danced

Thanks to Vadim and Irina for something that cheered for me and supported me. Came all the way from Ottawa! Part of the pics in this post are of their authorship.

Grandpa is easier to cheer for the runners

I didn’t expect the marathon to run fast. Half a summer travel abroad, you gain extra weight and getting ready for this marathon I had only 6 weeks: one week in September is continuously raining. So I picked the estimated time 4.40 – 4.50. On the thirtieth kilometer I had time 3.20, so in my schedule I could afford. But why I came up with to change to change sneakers fresh, it’s all the same I will meet on the track. To change it I changed, heavy Asexy on light as a feather the Brooks. But here’s insoles forgot to rearrange. What my feet reminded me of the pain you walk through 400. The speed dropped dramatically. Looking ahead, or rather salvisa’ll tell you what overcame the distance for 5h. 30 minutes. The slowest my marathon, even Peter ran faster, the heat from the sweltering heat.

While waddle look at the freaks

Elvis? Another was a guy who the entire distance continuously juggled and I wanted to take pictures of, as he has balls of hands fell down.

John clapped.

Too early for me still to come, to run 6 more miles.

Not to the fans and not to the beauties of the city

a real Marathon begins of course in the last kilometers. Every step is so hard, that it looks like it will be remember for his whole life, but for him to do next. Walking hurt to move.

The last 400 meters of the track. Well the code will it end?

Even a little bit!

All ran.

Trekking trails. A kilometer more always work because of Vilani by distance.

At least it is for me not the best marathon, my feet hurt, still happy as a clam! Ran!

This is my fourth overcome marathon.

Thanks again Vadim and Irina, The-know-who and the Sister herself-knows-who!

Marathon very much. The organization at the highest level. The track is interesting, the weather was just amazing.

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