Anastasia Lubin about fitness on the verge of dance

“Buzz like a bee to move quickly, to be tipsy” – as translated from the Colombian jargon the word “Zumba” which gave name to the whole fitness areas with the twenty-year history.

The Zumba Fitness program is not the first year there is in Samara and is very popular with patrons of sports clubs. About the prospects of a fun-filled fitness in our city told the portal Sportsamara Anastasia Lubin –

Zumba instructor with 4 years experience.

Anastasia, what. in Your opinion, the secret of the popularity of Zumba. More and more sports clubs Samara to discover this fitness direction. The classes are always full house.

I’m sure it’s all in her special philosophy that teaches people with a smile to see the world and reduces stress, which every day we have to face.

Zumba has a special mood, positive charges and not only physically, but also mentally transforms a person.

How did Your first experience with Zumba?

It happened at international fitness conference in Italy. There was held training seminars on various topics. My attention was drawn to the class, where most students. They were all dressed in bright clothes and with their faces never faded smile. On the door hung a plaque with the inscription: “Zumba”. So I realized what I wanted to do in the future.

Who have You learned the basics of Zumba, who was your first teacher?

In this case I was very lucky, because the training was held in Italy under the leadership of the founder and the developer of the Zumba Fitness Beto Perez.

He’s a fantastic man and a great professional. His choreography and teaching method struck me. He communicated with us without further ADO, it can be read in his look and of course using body language. Showing the basic elements, he improvised and put on this us.

Then followed training in Moscow Natalia bull. She first discovered Zumba Fitness for Russia.

Can we regard the Zumba class. as a full workout?

Of course. It’s a full cardio, in which there is a power class, aerobics and stretching elements. While You do not perceive it as a standard activity. The students perform all the exercises, as if quietly to themselves. This effect allows to reach the dance component.

And yet, what more Zumba: fitness or dance?

It is hardly possible to withdraw some percentage. Zumba-it’s not fitness and dance in its purest form, it’s a special program. Attending classes Zumba, you will not only lose weight and keep yourself in good physical shape. but to learn the basic dance elements of Latin American dances: salsa, reggaeton, Samba, merengue.

Is it true that to start doing Zumba never late?

If there is no Zumba age and to begin to engage, do not need special training. To my classes, people come and 50-60 years. Some of my students are so addicted to Zumba, even go to training and get certificates. It makes me very happy.

Anastasia, tell us how to construct a Zumba class. What is the choreography and the music You use?

Zumba Fitness is a global brand that has its own proprietary music and choreography. Tolerance and the right to use only licensed trainers.

In practice, each coach brings in a specially designed program to its flavor, and adjusts the level of the students. I’m trying to build a class to enable all body systems. Some combinations I simplify, and add new elements.

But in addition to ownership of the program, each instructor should be able to open up to the audience. It is the coach sets the mood for the whole activity that should always be positive.

In the world of the fitness industry there is Zumba for about 20 years. For Samara, this direction is relatively young. What are the prospects for its development in the framework of our city you see?

In this issue, we are behind from Moscow. Licensed professionals in Samara very little. It is not possible to bring the teaching to a higher level and to acquaint the students with other varieties of the Zumba program. But I’m sure we have all found. Interest in Zumba Fitness is growing every day.

Do You have interesting projects, ideas, ideas on promoting Zumba among those who are not familiar with this program?

Of course! I already had the experience when I can’t find the classes from Zumba club rooms on large dance floors.

With his students organized the dance marathon in the shopping centre and the embankment. Ahead of the summer, and this means that such projects will be more.

Name 5 reasons why everyone who still have doubts, visit the Zumba class:

In Zumba there are no restrictions, she can deal with each.

It burns calories, shapes the body, strengthens the heart and respiratory system.

– To do Zumba easy and simple

– The classes are always positive and fun

– A great opportunity to find like-minded people and to meet interesting people.

Anastasia, thanks for the interesting conversation. We wish you success in achieving your goals!


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