Exercises for a narrow waist and a beautiful belly

Exercises for a narrow waist and a beautiful belly

A rare woman does not dream of anything to improve in his own shape. But if you make the legs for a couple of inches longer only the operating means, slim waist, slender thighs and tight press are the result of hard training. Perform exercises better every day. If your goal is burning fat, exercises to narrow the waist combine with aerobic warm-up lasting at least 10 minutes. You should not also forget about stretching for the muscles. Several exercises on top of your workout, will increase its effectiveness.

I must say that it is not necessary to restrict classes of traditional programs. For example, many people already know that form a thin waist belly dancing. When some «PA» such muscles are activated, which, with the usual gymnastics to work will not succeed.

Goal – narrow waist and a nice flat stomach. Exercises base complex

Before exercises warm up the muscles and loosen up the joints. Most of the exercises for oblique muscles, which are responsible for the formation of a slender waist, is performed in a standing or lying down. Let’s start with the first option.

So, exercises to slim the waist in the original standing position:

1) Place your feet shoulder-width apart and spread to the sides of the hand. Alternately bend first to one foot and then the other. Try to get his fingertips sock.

2) Gymnastic stick or bodybar put on the shoulders, holding hands. Follow the twists and turns of the case with a large amplitude. Try to perform movements smoothly, in order not to injure the spine.

3) Standing up straight, clasp your feet. Lift the knees alternately, simultaneously expanding in this way the elbow. Such exercises to slim the waist can be included in a light workout in the workplace. Next, go into the prone position and continue the exercise. The main exercise for the waist – oblique twists.

4) Lying on your back, bend at the knees, threw one over the other. Hand plant on the back of the head. The detached blade from the floor, turning the body to the side. To movement should look like you are trying to stretch your elbow to the opposite knee.

5) If you want to combine exercises to reduce belly and waist shaping, the load can be increased. To do this, lie on your back, hands folded in front of him. Legs spread to the sides. Pull your upper body, performing the tilt in the opposite direction. Try to reach the toe of each foot.

In this exercise utilized back muscles and the rectus press.

6) Raise your legs at a right angle, then bend, pulling your knees to your chest, expand the lower part of the body, hips touching the floor. To complicate the exercise, perform it sitting, holding the body with hands. So you employ additionally the lower part of the press.

7) Sit cross-legged cross-legged, close your hands on the back of his head, spreading his elbows. Perform fluid tilts to the side.

Lying on your side, pripodnimaet on the elbows and hold the position for 30 seconds.

9) is Very effective for waist and exercise «bike», but do need it turned on its side, with emphasis on the elbows.

10) kneeling, lean on hands. Then lift the extended leg, simultaneously raise the opposite arm. Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

11) the Next exercise is called «strap». With it, you will work not only the muscles of the waist and back, abs, thighs. Instructors assure that to maintain good form is enough for a few minutes a day «hang» so above the ground. Starting position looks like you are going to perform push-UPS. Pripodnimaet on his elbows, leaning on socks. The body is elongated in one line. Stay in this posture as long as possible.

12) the Last exercise is the simplest of all complex, but it is quite effective. Walk around the room alternately on the heels and on toes.

Do not forget that success in the struggle for a slim figure depends not only on appropriately selected physical activity. Combine exercises for a slim waist with a sensible diet, massage and beauty care. Choose for themselves the types of physical activity that you prefer. Be sure to change your exercise program every two months, so that the muscles are better perceived exertion.

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