The daily routine of a soldier – How to survive in the army.

The duration of work time military conscription, is determined by the daily routine of a military unit.

In the army, too, as in the sanatorium, there is such a thing as a “routine”. I hope it will not cause you surprise.

The load is distributed to the soldiers so that in the first place was ensured constant combat readiness. That is, everything is done so that you

can enter into fight well fed, rested and trained. And because you should have time for combat training, maintain order, and practice-building disciplines, to nurture the military spirit, increasing their cultural level, to solve everyday problems (I mean patching holes in boots and uniforms, cutting, stitching of collars and many other things), good rest and eating.

To stay in accordance with the schedule given to servicemen from four to eight hours..

The routine sets the commander of military unit taking into account the views of the Armed forces and of the armed forces, the challenges facing military unit, time of year, and local climatic conditions.

The whole routine is aimed at the soldiers as possible were busy in any case. For some reason some commanders believe that the presence of the free (personal) time provokes soldier on AWOL, irregular conduct and the Commission of any illegal acts. Sometimes officers are so accustomed to such a style of leadership that and transfer it into civilian life, sometimes getting in a completely ridiculous situation.

“It happened when I was studying at University, while we were having classes at the military Department. Building on the parade ground, handing out shovels. Goose-step marching to the nearest boiler. And our commander-in-chief Colonel in perplexity: “the Crowd neozidannij intellectuals is not good. You dig here, and I’ll go and ask, “where necessary”.

Smiled? Then move on to what should be included in the daily schedule.

List: time for the morning physical exercises, morning and evening Tu-^the summer, a morning of building, training and preparation, change special (working) clothes, shoes cleaning and washing hands before eating, eating, care of weapons and military equipment, to participate in educational, cultural, media and sports and leisure activities, listening to radio and watching TV, while visiting a doctor’s office, for personal needs of military personnel (at least two hours), evening walk, check and eight hours for sleep.

Here and so. You have only the perception of this information is probably gone at least a minute. And the fathers-commanders must not only organize you for exemplary performance of these Affairs, but also to prepare notes, approve them and then to convey the necessary information in an accessible form.

In addition, you should know that the intervals between meals should not exceed seven hours. Increasing this time is a violation of the law. And you have the right to complain to the commander to this violation, if not afraid of retaliation.

To the soldiers not had any health problems, particularly diseases of the digestive tract, after lunch for at least thirty minutes should not be any classes or work. Such is the concern about your health.

You will be surprised, but in the army there are weekends. On the Charter. — “days of rest”. Such days are Sundays and holidays. These days, as well as in their free time with staff conducted cultural-mass work, various recreational activities, sports and games. I always shudder waited such “festive ” Sunday” sports competitions in running for three miles. Remember that the staff should not unorganized to spend their free time?

One of the indulgences at the weekend is something that these days is not a morning physical exercises, and to give Breakfast eggs, plus in the club show some military-Patriotic film, for example, about Chapaev. But, as I said, all the joy of this is negated by having sporting events.

On the eve of days of holiday concerts, movies and other entertainment for military personnel allowed to finish 1 hour later than usual, the rise in rest days to produce later than usual, at the hour set by the military unit commander. Typically, it is limited just by adding hours of sleep on Sunday. Will be in the army — will understand the value of this gift.

Now let’s see what is a standard Day is a member of the Armed forces.

Who is in the army the most unfortunate people? Deputy platoon commanders and sergeants mouth. They raise up exactly 10 minutes before lifting the entire personnel. Because soldiers need to know that his commander was asleep, and reflects on the fate of the whole army in General and his Department in particular. And, moreover, helps to lift Their fighting comrades, gently encouraging particularly sleepy different words.

After lifting are held morning physical exercises, cleaning of premises and territories, dressing beds, morning toilet and morning formation.

About physical exercises you already know a little. Tell her a few words. The physical exercises usually running cross the line or not areas with subsequent physical exercise. Usually this is for the soldiers the first year of service. Oh, and for those who don’t want to have a saggy tummy and flabby muscles.

White bone — old men sleeping in different places inaccessible officer CMO. But walk among employees at the call of the stories that there were occasions when the watchful eye of the commander did not notice the “grandfather”, sweetly sleeping in bed in the middle of the barracks. You probably already guessed that starosciak at the time, and I was. And also had heard similar tales.

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