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Buying Alekseev shower, You will be able to heal yourself and loved ones. Log in to the story of his family, making a useful acquisition.

Find out what benefit you expect and what gifts for body and soul You get now:

For You to complete the purchase of brass extender to protect the thread-soul, delivered free in the Capital and throughout Russia, complete awaits replaceable mesh with 13 holes for weak water pressure, al. book

octahedron and varicose veins, increased the warranty to 2 years, gifts to choose from: Lush soap, tea Gred, Holinka, real German hose*!

Shower Alexeev is a Russian analogue of Charcot, who invented doctor of technical Sciences, Andrey Alexeev for use in the home.

Device for home hydrotherapy allows Your bathroom to achieve the effects provided by the hospital showers: rain and a needle shower, a flying-off, ascending, underwater or high pressure shower from thin jets, shock wave therapy, to take apart cleaning and facelift .

Doctors recommend the use Alekseev shower for the prevention and treatment of: cellulite, varicose veins, osteoarthritis, cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease, hypertension, sciatica, dystonia, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, meteodependent and tightening skin because it restores the normal blood circulation.

The main effect of the action of “Soul Alekseev” needle-massage effect on the body (hydromancer). “Alekseev shower” causes “active hyperemia” without the use of temperature effect of contrast or hot water. The usefulness of this effect is justified by the law of Dastra-Mora (A. Nikitin, 1825), as amended by A. N. Kirichenko (1959) and connective tissue theory A. A. Alekseev (1993).

Two doctor of Sciences (technical and medical) Alekseev A. N. and Alekseev A. A. have combined their knowledge and experience to create a Spa complex on the basis of “Soul” Alexeev, the development of such a complex is being conducted currently.

Shower Alekseev made of German plastic, sold in bulk packaging and by popular demand, comes the third grid 13 holes for low pressure water supply network.

You will get a real capillaroscopy because when the capillary network becomes more robust, which makes the skin elastic and youthful. The influence of very thin high-speed jets helps the enzyme collagenase to break the old collagen. In 1976 it was discovered that the meaning of aging is not that no new collagen is synthesized, but that does not destroy the old! Caused by the use of a reddening of the skin stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which begin to actively build a new and young body.

After 30 seconds Your body becomes pink . restoring the circulation and flow of lymph. Impact on chronic cellulite formation is the breaking of the seals and the speedy removal of toxins from the body. You don’t even have to use soap or gel to wash. Because the skin pores are opened under the influence of warm water, samoosas. And cool water then make them narrow, giving a beautiful and healthy skin.

In addition to flattening effects, shower produces hydroponicum or ipotiroidismo impact. Trickle of water will find those points that need stimulation. Turns out the “water” applicator Kuznetsova, acting not only plastic needles, and thin water needles.

Effects on the body can be compared with the effect of Charcot shower and turpentine baths according to Zalmanov. But if bath time to receive these treatments, burning mucous membranes, cause skin irritation and neurogenic initiation, and the power shower with a strong jet of traumatic tissue (which can lead to necrosis, fibrosis, occurrence of fibrolipoma and bruises), hot shower Alekseeva softly, sinuously-compression affects the capillary bed.

Combine massage attachment with any therapy, as a systematic way of recovery. The water pressure has a positive effect on the nerve endings that are associated with the internal organs. Upon collision of the droplets with the surface of the skin is an effect of multiple point impact. The therapeutic effect is achieved with the help of jet formation with a maximum kinetic energy exceeding 10 times the force of popular hot nozzles.

You will see that this invention solves many health problems, because it restores the normal blood circulation . This seemingly ordinary daily hygienic procedure will help carotid body finally Wake up and, very importantly, will give us a wonderful state of mind, will give you energy for the whole day! Affecting certain areas of the skin with warm water, you can treat the organs reflex associated with them. After taking a shower Alekseeva night, the body is relaxed and You can easily fall asleep!

Saving water! You will be able to save on water consumption, even using the most powerful jets. The water flow will be from 2 to 7 liters per minute, depending on capacity. Conventional shower heads consume 10 liters per minute or more.

Safe! Absolutely safe when used according to instructions. Do not point in eyes and ear canal!

Help in everyday life! Shower Alekseeva is also a great cleaning brush! With things that cannot be washed in a washing machine, copes Alekseev shower. Dirt flies right before your eyes! Try using the Alekseev shower when cleaning carpets, shirts (cuffs and neck), jeans, children’s clothing.

Holes made in the form of a complex cone, transform ordinary pressure in the water distribution system in a slim, fast, full of energy and anti-aging power water jet. Water exiting the nozzle is teardrop-shaped stream of high kinetic energy. Drops are tightly Packed and look like a perfect and powerful jet. Upon collision with the surface of the skin creating the effect of multiple point impact. And all this is the uniqueness of the massager, who invented Andrey.

Why to choose us? We are implementing only the soul Alekseeva since 2008 and are the main official representative of LLC “NPP Heretika” unlike other sites. The store is always in stock accessories and spare parts for great hydro-massager. We never forget the orders accepted and not “dynamism” customers, unlike competitors. Work honestly and pay taxes, and carry manufacturer warranty. The factory guarantee lowest price – work directly with factory in Penza.

Suggest once again look to buy at the company store directly from the manufacturer . not to accidentally buy an outdated model, and a shower with no manufacturer’s warranty or even a fake.

Tested method of massage with lymph drainage function without contraindications! Bought once, You lose weight, greatly improve muscle tone and skin condition.

Shower Alekseeva • company store
Buying Alekseev shower, You will be able to heal yourself and loved ones. Log in to the story of his family, making a useful acquisition. Find out what benefit you expect and what gifts for…


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