The benefits of swimming from A to z

Hello again, my dear friends and readers! Today we will be talking about such a narrow view grades as a float, or more specifically, why it is generally necessary. On the one hand, the ability to swim can save your life in an emergency situation, and on the other, the systematic training will help develop the weaker muscles and to build a truly beautiful and attractive body easily and with pleasure!

This topic is particularly relevant for those who wish to begin to build an athletic body shape, and for athletes with experience who are not satisfied

with the size and handicap certain groups of muscles. But, as always, let’s order.

Advantages of swimming

Swimming lessons, even 1-2 times a week will help you not just to keep in shape, but also to Tinker with the genetics! That can give you swimming, and why I say that?

In the first place . systematic training in the pool increase the maximum capacity of the lungs, expanding the rib cage. In practice, this will give your figure more masculine form, the so-called mesomorphic triangle (broad shoulders to narrow waist) that looks very aesthetically pleasing with well-developed thoracic and deltas.

Secondly . swimming gives a very large load on the muscles of the torso, no matter the shoulders, chest or back you are training, all will be to develop comprehensively. This allows you to pull up lagging muscle groups, to give them more beautiful and distinct form, as well as to focus solely on basic, integrated development of the torso.

And finally, thirdly . swimming, is a type of cardio that will allow you easily and naturally get rid of extra pounds, reduce the percentage of body fat, while building muscle, which is extremely problematic in a conventional gym.

The form acquired in the pool, will remain with you, even if you stop for a long time these workouts. Take a look at the till Lindemann (lead singer of Rammstein), which is professionally engaged in swimming . then threw a career, but still pleases fans truly brutal width of the back, without any additional training. Conclusion? Want to have a beautiful body proportions, strong muscles and manly appearance? Swimming lessons will help you to fulfill all those dreams and comprehensively with pleasure!

Where to start?

You, my dear readers, obviously have noticed that I constantly emphasize that the ability to swim, this is “nice” way to make changes in your figure. I do it deliberately, precisely because the swimming itself does not require any special skills or equipment as a sport: you just came to the pool, or out on the coast, and began to swim, and the workout goes by itself. Of course, the habit and then you can kill your muscles to the point that you feel like God himself powerlifting punish you for your arrogance, but it’s only temporary! In swimming the primary attribute skill is endurance, which you will soon forget fatigue and muscle pain, especially that water itself is very well relaxes the body. Thus, choosing this sport, you kill two birds with one stone!

Disadvantages of swimming

Well, as in any sport, swimming also has its cons. The most obvious is the fact that because the water resistance is always the same, to develop huge muscles just floating you will not leave, but the mixing of the workout, you can achieve atrasada results! For example, divide your week into three workouts: Monday – gym, Tuesday – pool, and a Wednesday – workout. As a result, after a couple months of training, you will be envied and the Elevator, and Builder and crossfitter!

So, my friends, I’ve said all I thought necessary, but if after reading the article you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I will definitely try to answer!

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