Charging at the workplace the best exercises

And again back to the future . Change abandoned industrial physical activities came corporate fitness, or charging at the workplace . In the offices of large companies, the process is organized on a Grand scale: invite coaches, equipped sparkomatic, arrange a kind of morning discos, fine “sloths” and rewarded activists.

But most often due to the large congestion charging in the workplace is done behind the scenes, individually and on the personal initiative of the employee .

How to maintain health without separation from the “production” and how to do exercises in the workplace .

Why charging is required in the workplace

The number of staff performing sedentary work, modern life is constantly growing and already exceeds 90 percent. Yes and have to sit not only in the office . but for food, in transport, at home in front of the TV. But only in the service have to take a more static position . This is especially true of those who work with clients in companies with strong corporate ethics. Everyone’s mind, and under the gaze of chief’s especially not going to move. A very good reason!

Even the ancient people believed the movement of one of the most effective medicines . Military surgeon of Napoleon’s army Clement Tissot said that the movement can substitute a different medicine, but no medicine will not replace the movement.

In addition to General fatigue “seonam” threaten disease of the spine and internal organs . Suffering and emotional state . In addition, most of the “busts” working days at the computer, which also suffer eye . Gradually the quality and quantity of work performed is reduced. So, will have to stay a night or to catch up the next day.

But the worst consequence of a sedentary lifestyle – lack of exercise . a permanent state of lack of movement, it is highly dangerous to health .

I think I managed to convince everyone that the move is necessary.

To improve the overall tone and its own efficiency will help charging at the workplace .

How does charging at the workplace

So, charging at the workplace helps:

effortless to change the position of the body ;

return of joint mobility and to restore circulation;

loosen habitually tight muscles and strengthen those that have almost no effect when sitting;

to regain efficiency and relieve mental stress.

Exercises for charging in the workplace

Immediately say, that for charging at the workplace needs an individual approach . Choose the exercises that will affect the most intense and the most “sluggish”. First you must relax, and the second – toning.

Try to do exercises in the workplace at the same time of the day – so the body get in the right rhythm and will be less tired from work. Better if you’re going to do every 1 to 15 hours, not perenapryagatsya. Not superfluous will be to ventilate the room because the office air conditioning often give a certain temperature and humidity, and fresh air is only on the street.

Charging at the workplace for the body sitting:

Most of the exercises for those who want to do exercise in the workplace sitting and “secretly” . You will only have to make a “smart” face

1. Sit down on the very edge of the chair (the “fifth point” it is not lying, but not to fall). Raise one leg at an angle. 30o from the floor and hold it until you get tired. Repeat with the other foot. Additionally, it can artificially stretch the muscles of the thigh.

Useful for: direct and wide in the thighs, and for direct and oblique abdominal muscles.

2. Sit on the edge of the chair . Put your hands on the edge of the table and lean into it. Try to lift yourself (and don’t drop the table ) so that the leg is off the floor.

Useful for: direct and oblique abdominal muscles, pectoralis major, triceps, thigh muscles, the extensors of the wrist.

3. Put your hand on the outer side of my knees (for example, right on right or left on left). Davi hand on his leg, as if you wanted to move, and the leg should “resist” the hand. Get oncoming traffic. Change an arm and a leg. You can do both hands and feet at once, and slowly move knees in and out. Also it is possible to repeat all above steps, when the hands will be on top or on the inner side of the knees.

Useful for: the various muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen, chest and back.

4. Put your feet shoulder-width apart for chair legs. Put both hands on the edge of the table. Do the movement like you want to get up from the table in such a position, but don’t do it (some will rise only “fifth point”).

Useful for: muscles of the hands.

5. Grab a chair from the side and as if to pull himself up with him. You can do the hands alternately or simultaneously.

Useful for: muscles of upper limbs and back.

6. Put one (or both) hand under the thigh towards the knee . Try to raise the “resisting” the leg. You can also move his legs up and down.

Useful for: arm muscles, particularly biceps.

7. Lace your hands behind the chair . Cross your feet and raise a little above the floor. Try to pull them in different directions, as if you wanted to disengage. Switch legs swapped.

It is useful for . abdominal muscles and legs.

8. Sit closer to the edge of your chair and hold on with his hands over the edge. Straight leg raise a little above the floor, and scrub them. Push the top leg on the bottom. Switch legs.

It is useful for . abdominals and leg muscles.

9. Hold a hand over the front of the chair . Pull it up like you want to raise. When you get tired, change hands, can be used to exercise both hands at once. Also you can lean forward (to the table) and backwards (towards the back of the chair).

Useful for: tired of the back.

10. Slightly kindle the knees . Put it between their thumb down and press your palms together. Smash them on each other. You can turn the thumb up and down again.

Useful for: the muscles in the arms and chest.

11. Sit down, want you to be comfortable. Put your feet in front of the chair (at 90 degrees). Hands close to the shoulders. Legs stretch forward, and arms straight up. Do you need one by one.

Useful for: the various muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen, chest and back.

12. Spread your legs out to the sides (as much as possible) for the legs of the chair. Hands free put it down. With a straight back make bows in different directions.

Useful for: tired of the back, obliques.

13. Stretch your arms up . and feet forward. As much as possible stretch a few times.

Useful for: all body.

14. Put your hand under cover of the table . Put the effort like you want to pick it up (but not turn ). Repeat with the second hand. The same exercise on the situation you can do, putting his hand on the top of the table and pressing down. You can do the counter-movement with two hands – one on top, second from the bottom, after a while change their places.

Useful for: big breast, bi – and triceps muscles, superficial muscles of the anterior and posterior groups of the forearm.

15. Put your hands and elbows on the table (like school). Clench one hand in a fist and put in another. Change hands.

It is useful for . the muscles in the arms and chest.

16. Take with one hand the wrist of the second. Gently pull in different directions. Change hands. Also you can arbitrarily change the direction of potyagushki.” And, you can move all the “capture”, i.e., his hands clasped in different directions.

Useful for: muscles of the upper extremities, back and chest.

17. When reading from paper . and not from the monitor (papers, books, etc.), keep your hands on the weight.

Useful for: muscles of the upper limbs.

Charging at the workplace for the body while standing:

1. Fingers link back . Legs put together. Get up on his toes, and his hands slide back as far as possible. You can turn your head in different directions.

2. Lean hands on the table . Feet set shoulder-width apart. Sit down 10-15 times at a leisurely pace.

Breathing exercises when charging at the workplace:

You can do separately from all of the above. But it is better to finish the most active exercises for the body .

Slowly take the deepest breath for 2-3 seconds hold your breath, slowly make the most a deep breath. Then 2 times inhale and exhale deeply, but not too much. In the end 2 times inhale and exhale normally.

Charging at the workplace for the eyes:

1. Close your eyes for 2-3 seconds . Open it and look at the available remote point (preferably in a box) – 5-7 sec. Close your eyes for 2-3 seconds. Open it and look at the tip of his nose – 5-7 sec. Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Immediately after the first exercise, close your eyes . Fingertips easily pull the inner corners of the eyes and are easily masciruy – 3-5 sec. Take a break for 7-10 sec. Repeat it 3 times. Several times intensely blink.

I talked about the most affordable ways to do exercises in the workplace. Now it’s up to you.

Even one session charging in the workplace will not be enough to gain strength and to have a fruitful day . and in the evening not to look and not feel drained.

And, perhaps you will suggest to the boss to do exercises in the workplace the company rule and, thus, make his eyes more credibility?

The point in the summer to be in shape, and don’t say that the work takes all your time. Take away a bit from her and work out away!


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Charging at the workplace the best exercises
And again back to the future . Change abandoned industrial physical activities came corporate fitness, or charging at the workplace . In the offices of large companies, the process is organized on a Grand scale:…